Massage Therapy

About Me

I am a graduate of The Florida School of Massage, practicing massage therapy since 2002.
I started working with chiropractors for my first 10 years.  This allowed me to not only practice massage, but also learn how to treat patients with a variety of injuries using different methods and equipment. 
Working with injuries, musculoskeletal issues, and chronic pain are my specialty. I am certified in modern cupping, and advanced oncology, prenatal massage, and neuromuscular massage.
I integrate modalities according to what is communicated by the body of the client I am working on.  The body has wisdom and ultimately knows best. I also work slow and have a knowing when to shift pressure, when to ask how a client is doing and find the the pressure that communicates safety while simultaneously supporting the release of constriction. I love getting detailed and precise with my work.
The art of being with a client is just as important as the actual physical massage. I believe presence is a nuanced art. I also believe that receiving massage can help nourish the body, mind, and spiritual connection,  which helps our relationship with ourselves and everyone around us. 
I’m very passionate about massage therapy  and hope to continue for many years to come.

My other passions are my family. I’m in love with being a new grandmother. I love running, traveling, cooking, and all books that help me grow. 

~and overall I just love to play.